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Landmark Hotels, Resorts & SPA

Lose yourself in Landmark Hotels and Resorts, handcrafted guest rooms and suites, designed with high-quality, traditional yet modern furnishings, contributing to the revival of ancient Nepalese wooden craftsmanship.

Landmark Kathmandu

Nestled at the capital city Kathmandu, our hotel is ideal for business, leisure, and shopping at the trendy city center. It is a 4-star Standard hotel of Kathmandu.

Landmark Pokhara

Hotel Landmark Pokhara is a heritage hotel in Pokhara, Nepal. It is an example that tourism need not destroy heritage and environment but if planned and executed.

Landmark Forest Resort

Landmark Forest Park is an eco-friendly resort acclaimed for the luxury and range of services it offers in Chitwan. Landmark Forest Park is nestled just beside Chitwan National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Landmark Hospitality

Landmark Hotels and Resorts have luxurious, curated Nepalese handicrafts and wooden furniture, These Rooms are well-tended with a complete set of modern amenities to make sure you don’t miss the comfort of your home whilst experiencing the best of nation’s long preserved heritage.

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Dine at Landmark

Landmark Hotels and Resorts is popular among travelers not just because of its unparalleled warm hospitality, but also by the virtue of its highly acclaimed dining facilities. We are pleased to offer exemplary dining options to our guests and visitors.


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